Monday, September 12, 2011

Choose Your Own Destiny...

The other day I received my first award certificate in the mail for one of my poems called, "The Circle of Life." I know my passion is writing, helping people achieve their goals and speaking motivation into their hearts.  I want to share the poem with you, tell me what you think!

“The Circle of Life”
Have you ever wondered, about your presence here on earth?
A breathless lined up seed, linked to Mom’s who give you birth
How are we chosen, to represent this life?
Living on a board game, taking chances with our dice
What’s the meaning of a life span, why must we die?
Do we return back to earth, with a different pair of eyes?
I’ve been here before, to remember with no clue
Was it from another life, a glimpse of Déjà vu?
People keep being born, but our time seems to end
Do we end our life in sins, or born to try again?
Years go by, and time seems to fly
Our world looks the same, but it’s aging in disguise
An out of body experience, a realm we cannot see
With Heaven above and Hell beneath, so what’s in between?
A mysterious satisfaction, to feel pain from cries and laughter
Grasping onto life, being afraid from what will happen
The shape of our world, is a circle it’s our globe
It’s not a moving probe; it holds stories to be told
So what would it be like, to die and be born twice?
Is our time-line eternally straight, or is it called “The Circle of Life”
Don't settle and work a 9-5 job for the rest of your life.  That's boring! Be adventurous and live your life to the fullest! Find what it is that makes your heart beat faster, something that builds your spirits and calms your mood no matter what you do.  That's how you want live! Your passion should be your life, not a just to get by moment.

I like to touch peoples hearts, to help them open up to the world and view the endless opportunies by thinking positive and one key to success is thinking positive. If you want to be successful in your passion and get rid of that day job, then thinking positive is where you should start. Don't settle on a job that you have absolutely no interest in.  Yes, desparate times call for desparate measures so if you have to work that job that you hate, work it. Just make sure that you don't settle on it and continue to live your life on a plateau.  In your spare time, continue to search where you want to be in life, where that passion can be implemented.

Remember, you can do anything you put your mind to so never give up on what you are trying to accomplish. A job is just a job until a passion plays a role, then it becomes a dream!

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  1. That was awesome... I was so proud of you! You're so great! It's so obvious to me and everyone who knows you what your Passion is... keep achieving babe!